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  CBS    Mc Laughlin Group    Lively discussion on the  
   week's top news issues.  

    March 2, 2014
    6:30 - 7:01am EST  

from washington, the measuring layoff lin group, the american original. for over three decades, the harpest minds, best sources. we are brought to you by seaman's, every day we are helping to build the future of america siemens, answers. [ inaudible - low volume ] some game. sochi, where russian athletes
won 13 golds, 11 silver, and 9 bronze medals, more medals than otter 87 countries. in the world of fashion, russia also ruled. here is [ inaudible ], the dazzling russian super model. today, russia is under going a revival and there is the economy, 15 years ago, in 1999, russia tgp went to an all-time low of $196 billion. a 60% collapse from the soviet hay day. in 2012, the gdp sored a high topped $2 trillion. a 1000% increase. russian president vladimir putin is now on his third term. he is showcasing the influence on the world stage. and he has the big moe.
from the syrian peace talks, russian diplomacy is thriving the agenda the u.s. and the eu along for the ride. now, the on beginning ukraine problem reveals russia's breech. there is the russian military, putin has modernized the nuclear weapon, missiles, and navy, toteablely, his submarine fleet. this week, russia mobilized 50,000 troops on ukraine borders are tanks, artillery, and apower. all of this, unscheduled military maneuvers. they were announced midweek, through proper channels.
but with little advanced notice. they are scheduled to last through monday, march 3. one of vladimir putin's ambitions for russia, pat. >> jon, the united states and the west had the advantage over russia, they removed thna alliance and cut them out of the oil, we ignored him. what he is doing and also yell tin brought the country down to where it was a joke. he wants to restore national around global respect for russia. he has gone a long way to doing that. he wants to restore them as a great power and he also wants to create a custom [ inaudible ], it is opposite the common market and i think he is trying to create a great nation again that is expected and his voice
is heard. i believe that the united states can work with him. he has the idea to bring back christianity to replace communism. and the rest of it in russia, he has a great agenda, but i think he has behaved in the ukrainan crisis in a great way. >> in st. petersburg, they head a meeting with the international. >> you mean the ga? >> yes, and it was the president and the putin were thought to shake hands, they did not do so. >> i they we believed too petty as the greatest world power and i think he is a man that we can do business with. >> well, you heard from the pro- putin corner here. >> do not knock that corner,
necessarily. >> there has been tension between president putin and president obama and the olympics were a moment for putin to put his country on the world stage and restore the lost grand our. and if he behaved in a heavily handed way to ukraine, he is going undo all of the goodwill he did with the $8 billion that he spent on the olympics. >> $51 billion. >> okay, a lot more, well, the point is that he wants to show that russia is a mod herb, forward thinking nation--is a modern, forward thinking nation and how he behaves toward ukraine is going set that back. he is a smart man.
the ukrainan president is a loser, he is not going back him. he wants ukraine to stay together. it is going to require a lot of diplomacy on his part. but more importantly, the ue are--the eu are the real powers. >> and president putin, in a telephone conservation with president obama jus the other day commit today respect the area of ukraine and we are hoping that russia will not see this as sort oaf a continuation of the cold war. we do not see it that way. we do not believe it should be an east, west, russia, united states. this is not rocky four, believable. >> many russia intervenes, will president obama reevaluate the way that he sees the world and
say it is an east, west, russia competition right now? >> probably, but that would assume that putin and russia are going to intervene. i thiole nor made a good point. this is real test for putin. he was trying over the last three or four years to create something, it is called the [ inaudible ] union. this could be ukraine, they would be like the jewel in the crown of the new union. it would be a political interweaving of the former soviet state. and now that [ inaudible ] is out, ukraine is out of the picture. so putin's big project has kind of fallen apart. the question is now whoever comes to power if the coming next, will putin will able to work with him? and still do this union? who is talking about this? >> putin.
it is his whole thing. >> and he has got states [ inaudible ] >> the biggest nation on earth. >> wouthat? >> because he wants to have an influence over the countries that separate russia. >> like bell will rice? >> yes. >> they do not want to be with them. >> and this is what the whole battle in kiev was about where putin got them to agree to join russia rather than the eu. that is what caused the problem. >> well, i think my own view is to try and basically bring russia boot modern world and establish it as a modern country. a growing economy that not totally depending on oil and gas, for example, and i think this is what he is about. ands to ability establishing
countries that were----and this is about establishing with countries that used to be eastern europe. >> the real desire though, i think for having the union is to extend moscow's influence over the country's that separated russia from western europe which is the biggest buyer of russian oil and gas. >> all right, all right. >> [ inaudible ] i feel we have not really got a grasp on exactly what is going on. >> putin does want something on the black sea of. he wants a port on the black sea. >> he has got that. >> he has got it, he has a naval base, he has had it for 200 years. it is the home bails of the black sea fleet of russia and
it is now in a peninsula which in 1954 was given to the ukraine. >> you are right. and the russian admiral took me through a tour. and i went through a tunnel through the mountains. >> you can have six submarines side by side in the tunnel. >> that is correct. >> i was there. >> well, you know, what we are talking about. >> i want to know what this is- -the danger is and the vision is. >> well, also, there is something i want to raise, some human rights concerns, okay, and political rights and freedoms and other things, one of the things that has happened with the greatness that has happened, is a crack down on social freedoms, there is a very big anti-homosexuality campaign in russia.
i am talking about government thugs going out and beating people up. >> what is your point? >> my point is that would explain one of the reasons why the american media does not so much trust russia and tells [ inaudible ] >> well, you think that yell tin started it many. >> no, no, putin. putin did. but there is, in this country, there is also-- >> what ant the russian. >> ----about russia. >> well, there is no doubt about it, they are cracking down hard. >> talk and the financial impact of the russia union. >> heehaws not have a modern economy and--he does not that a modern economy and he needs other economies to help him. he knows that the issue that he must deal with in order to build russia back into a super
power. >> can he succeed? >> it is going to take him a while. and the problem is that oil and gas prices have gone down. and he is going to have a real problem because they do not have real exports in the way of manufacturing goods. they do not have a manufacturing economy. i am just finishing. >> well, ukraine remains sovereign? >> yes. >> be putin? >> he does not want to take over eye careen. >> he does not want to caulk over ukraine. >> no, he way want--he wants the con tip ewes alliance and he is afraid it is going spread to russia. when we come back, will the pentagon's budget plan lead to a leaner, more high-tech military in
♪you fill up my senses
♪like a night in a forest ♪like the mountains in springtime♪ ♪like a walk in the rain ♪like a storm in the desert ♪like a sleepy blue ocean ♪you fill up my senses ♪come fill me again ♪come let me love you ♪let me give my life to you ♪let me drown in your laughter ♪let me die in your arms ♪let me lay down beside you
♪let me always be with you ♪come let me love you ♪come love me again high-tech military, the reality of reduced resources in a challenging and changing environment requires us to prioritiertize and make difficult choices. >> secretary of defense, chuck hagel announced this week, a new five year budget for the pent began that could reshape the armed forces. one, army cuts. the u.s. army is already
scheduled to drop from today's active duty force of 5 hundred 22,000 troops to 492,000 next year. serve secretary--secretary hagel wants to bring the total to 440,000 troops by the year 2019, six years from now. it will be the smallest sized u.s. army in 75 years, which brings us back to before world war i i. here is secretary hagel on why. >> we are no longer sizing the force. >> that is called army speak. you figure out it. two, marine corp. cuts to 182,000. three, army national guard cuts from # 3-0 hundred 55,000 to- -from 355,000 to 335,000. four,s special operations up
from 66,000 today to 66,000 because the forces are uniquely suited for the most likely missions of the future. five, the loser, the a10 wart hog tank killer plane. cold war era spy plain, retired. drone, unmanned aircraft, they are hot. four, six, military benefits reduced including cut backs for service persons tax free housing and heightened medical insurance copays. seven, nay they want a--they want a new round of base closing in 2017. base closings. president obama will presented the--will present the budget to congress. by the way, despite the
reshuffle, the pent began budget goes up each of the next owe o five years from $496 billion in 2010 to $559 billion in 2019. question, what are the prospects for this budget passing the congress? >> well, i think they are reasonably good. people know there is just going the be huge physical pressure on the united states and this is one area are that cannot they immune to it. so there is some sense, that there is some kind of duplication that might actually be cut without tearing down our ability. we have to save money in that participant of the budget as well as many other parts of the budget. >> republican party, which used to fight for more defense spending now cares more about cutting spending and i think you are not going get the resistance there.
and reduction of the size of the army is based on the assumption that we are not going to be fighting two mayor land wars at the same time in the future and you are going to save on the cost of the people. and that is not something that congress is necessarily going to fight. i think it is going to be successful. >> we are going about it the wrong way. i think we continue to tear down our forces. it is enough that we have right there to defend the united states, and we have commit thements, for example,- -commitments, for examine physical, we--example, we have not gone through the commitments that they date back to the early years of the cold war, before guy was born, long before nato supply and looked at those and say we cannot defend this, we are going drop
this. they have to defend themselves. >> what is wrong with that? >> what that is what you need to do. we have not gone it. we keep increasing your commitments. >> he is talking about the idea that they have pushed around. it is called smart --discovery fence. the idea is to work can our closest allies won nato to try and have some crossover in what different close allies are most beeched up to do--beefed up to do. and i think there is a bit of overreact this week. hagel put forward a proposal and he really looked a lot like dick chainy did back in 1992, after the first gulf war when he announced a cut, cuts, therm actually bigger than what chuck hagel announced this week. so it is a long time coming and i think it will make its way through. >> okay, and note of caution,
the former secretary of defense was before secretary hagueen. mr. cone was a republican who served under drat i can president bill clinton. and he, cone, as sounded the alarm on the proposed troop reduction. >> with few iranianser--with fewer forces, you have high err ising. >> i don't think he is--high err ising. >> i don't think he is--risk. i don't think he is correct. and for the nation to build up to the nation building size troop forces is much eastier to do than to embrace the reforms, which was to break the force down and do more special forces. >> well, he is technically correct, if they are wrong and we have to fight two major wars at the small time and the smaller number of soldiers are
at a greater risk. but most experts are saying that, i think. and secondly, the marine corp. is not taking much of a hit at all and that is the military of the future. >> look, technically, she is right. it is going reduce the risk. the problem-- >> no, no, the whole risk factor for the united states, in my judgment has been reduced around the globe. >> what is the most serious threat of a major war involving the united states? i think it is the islands which the chinese and the japanese are there. and also, in the korean peninsula. and i think are reready for that kind of conflict, i think that what is it is. >> and who is going to sound the alarm? >> we have a whole different
level of technology in the military that makes it more effective from greater and greater distances. we do not need the kind of military forces. >> and we have a greater military than the next dozen competitors. >> and you cannot bring this up without bringing up the threats to american cyber security and the defense needs to shift resources to that. the threat today is about what the terrorism threat was in the late 1990s. >> and from 0-100. what are the has beens from anything resembling the budget will exit the congressional process in tact. >> i think it is better than 50%. >> better than 50. >> yes, anything resembling a broad, so i give it 80%. >> i think 73%. >> 73%? >> yes, 74.8.
i mean, it is bound to happen to a greater degree. it is just going to happen given where we are today. >> [ inaudible - low volume ] i give it a 0%. we'll be right back with predictions.
predictions. pat. >> a law was vetoed be will replicated in other states.
>> and it will fail. debby, the wife of congressman jon [ inaudible ] of michigan will easily win his congressional seat and continue the name in congress that has been there since the days of franklin roosevelt. >> the number of police cool prisoners held in russia increases in the months following the olympics. >> the congressional budget office is correct at assessing the lowest level of employment. >> i predict that the dutch politician will create a new coalition will succeed. bye bye.
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